where to eat

In Naples you can eat and drink at any time!

One of the best thing about visiting Naples is that you can eat and drink at any time. A traditional Neapoletan pizza or Mussels soup at midnight in Sannazzaro Square are a must. Near the B&B there are quite a few places where you can have lunch, a cocktail or dinner, a sweet or ice-cream. The icing on the cake is our unique Neapolitan coffee!

Here are some of the best places: Make your choice!

Restaurant and Pizzeria

La cantina di Triunfo

Just next to the B&B. A Restaurant, a delicatessen bar and tobacco shop open all day (24h)

Pizzeria 50 Kalò

Light and soft dough and high quality products.
Piazza Sannazzaro 201/b tel. 081/19204667 Open daily.

Pizzeria Pasqualino

Pizza and other typically Neapolitan dishes.
Piazza Sannazzaro 79 tel. 081/681524

Ristorante Da Dora

Fresh fish and dishes in a peculiar narrow street near via Chiaia.
Via Ferdinando Palisciano 30, tel. 081/6805519

Salvatore alla Riviera

Have a taste of the tradition!
Riviera di Chiaia 91, tel. 081680490

Napoli 1820

Scents and tastes from traditional Neapolitan gastronomy in lively colours. Restaurant and pizza.
Viale Antonio Gramsci, 11/d, tel. 081668770

Bars, bakeries and ice-cream shops


High-quality bar, pastries and delicatessen.
Via Giordano Bruno 81, tel. 081/680980


Historical ice-cream shop in the car free area Torretta.
Via Ferdinando Galiani, 9 tel. 081/665752

Chalet Ciro a Mergellina

Bar, pastries, ice-cream and delicatessen… everything is crafted and delicious. Last but not least, a unique coffee.
Via Caracciolo, 1 tel. 081/669928

Chalet Chiquitos

Fruit salads, milk shakes with fresh fruit, ice creams and other tempting snacks you could not resists on the sea side.
Via Mergellina, tel. 081/7611058