Palazzo Mirelli di Teora

An example of the neapolitan baroque

Palazzo Mirelli di Teora was built at the beginning of the XVII century on the behalf of the Duke of Caivano. Hence the first name of the new building: Palazzo Barile di Caivano.

Cosimo Fanzago, the architect, is also the hand that built many masterpieces of the baroque in Naples, like the Certosa of S.Martino, San Lorenzo Maggiore Church, Palazzo Donn’Anna and many more.

During the XVIII century the palace was restructured by Ferdinando Sanfelice, who added the open staircase, a thing so typical in the historical buildings of the time.

Another significant change was made by Carlo Vanvitelli, who had to prepare the palace to host the celebration for the marriage of Ferdinando IV Bourbon and Maria Carolina D’Austria in the 1768.

At the time the palace belonged to the Earl Von Kaunitz-Rietberg, ambassador of the Asburgo. During the time the palace had many important visitors, like the English philosopher Shaftesbury, who passed on here, or the Tsar Alexander II who got married with Luisa Vulcano in the palace itself. Rumor has it in the 1770 Mozart himself played here.

Nowadays, the palace is private, but it retains its history and its prestigious style, like the columns that comes from the roman temple of Serapide, the arcs and pilasters with their rich decorations.

Step by step on your way to the B&B enjoy the style of Palazzo Mirelli and the architecture that makes it so interesting and unique.

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